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Pick Minecraft logo. Earth Cube Minecraft logo. Diamond Minecraft logo. Creeper Minecraft logo. Enderman Minecraft logo. Pixel templates by Turbologo Get inspired by our collection of pixel logo templates.

Initiate your branding and base it on the ones or create a pixel logo from scratch. Access to Turbologo’s library of logo design ideas is free of charge. Just choose a pixel icon and related colors and see different variations of pixel logos. And don’t forget to update all your assets with your new logo too. Here is how it works: 1. Choose a Pixel Logo Template Explore our professional pixel logo templates to start creating a logo.

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Photoshop Tutorial. Detail that looks good at web may look overly simplistic on print copy. First I make a guess as to how big to make the image. A print logo 3 inches across at ppi will need at least px square.

I’m happy working at a few thousand and downsizing or recreating at a smaller size when I know what the logo willlook like. That said, the next step is to play. If you work best on paper, you may end up with lots of crumpled bits of paper. I work best on a computer so I end up with a load of layers and shapes that will ultimately get discarded on the journey to find what works. I’ll grab bits of clip art and other logos and put those in the mix as inspiration and to see if certain shapes work.

Out of the play, logo ideas will emerge and be refined. The golden rule is ‘Do what works. You’ll know when you find what works for you. As regards Pixelmator Pro, this has split the community a bit. My take is that Pixelmator Pro was released very early with many features missing and is being developed iteratively with features being added with each release. This has led some people to be disappointed with the feature-set of Pixelmator Pro. I’ve been a long-time user of Classic Pixelmator and have used it so much and enjoyed it so much that the guys at Pixelmator have built up a large store of goodwill with me.

I’m quite happy to accept this approach of releasing Pixelmator Pro. I work on a laptop so the tidy interface helps a lot.

This led me to create copies of layers as a backup before I applied effects. Pixelmator Pro’s effects can be edited and removed at any stage so I don’t need those backup layers. I’ve butted my head against this a couple of times when colour tools in Pixelmator Pro haven’t worked as I have expected. I’m still in a period of adjustment on his one. They’re both very capable and I’d recommend either.

Sun Apr 29, pm Wow, what a comprehensive reply. Thank you kindly, Stef. I used to work with a very competent Photoshop Designer but he has left the building and is careering elsewhere. So I am fumbling my way through Pixelmator and based on what you describe I shall stay with what I’ve got for the moment.

It’s tedious alone I find as I am not really a computer tech head, my background is painting and filmmaking. However, I have always designed and had a tech pro execute the work.

This is a new challenge and it is exciting when the time is available to follow tutorials online. I have a very distinctive image for this logo and have just tried to break it down into a drawing using the effects palette. It has appeal but I need to get the text underneath the image curved Sun Apr 29, pm Ah. Text on a path. Neither Classic Pixelmator nor Pixelmator Pro can do this at the moment.

Your options are either: Find an app that does and paste the curved text back. I’ve used ArtText3. It doesn’t always do exactly what I want but it gets close.


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