Oil and Gas Industry

History has shown that accidents in the Oil and Gas industry have serious consequences to workers, environment and infrastructure. Maintaining high safety standards and best practises is essential to protecting workers and the environment from the risk involved during their operations and day to day tasks. Multiflex Safety Solutions will only support our clients to maximize operational efficiency to reduce cost and risk, but also adhere to legislative requirements.

Petrochemical Industry

Atmospheric contamination hazards in the petrochemical industry have resulted in occupational illnesses, adverse health impact and an unsafe working environment. We will identify and implement an effective workplace safety program(s) to mitigate against safety and environmental hazards. Multiflex Safety Solutions will help you with the smooth operation of your chemical refining, production, storage, handling and distribution processes.

Energy and Utilities

Through various pathways of technological innovation, the Energy and Utilities industry have been making efforts to ensure economic growth with minimal carbon footprint. We are proud to assist various innovative renewable energy projects and ensure their safe operations.


Construction Project worksites are among the highest risk and hazardous work environment. Multiflex Safety Solutions help to implement highly effective measure to reduce the risk to injury. Our team are experienced and highly trained employee’s ultimate objective is to reduce workplace accident, injuries and death to ZERO.


Manufacturers can rely on our expertise to keep the safety of their machines, tools and chemical or biological processing. We will support  your facilities processes and strike a perfect balance between operational efficiency and the safety of their employees.

Food Industry

We understand the importance of a safe food handling practices and procedures at various stages of the food production life cycle. And in order to achieve a high-quality food, modern food production applies complex techniques to process and transform raw materials. These processes do expose workers variety of hazards and harm. We will help mitigate risks and protect your brand. We help you optimize your manufacturing practices to avoid the negative consequences of product contamination. We are committed to ensuring that standards are achieved.