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We have well trained staff And our top priority is the safety of our customers that's why we are providing a range of consulting and safety services.

Improve Safety Culture

We have the best professional and expert staff for the safety of your company.

Engage the Power of Commitment

We provide solutions while thinking of the future and your safety.

Turnaround and
Shutdown Support

Multiflex Safety Solutions is a one-stop-shop for everything you need for the safety of your turnaround and shutdowns. We understand the relevance of having a successful, accident free shutdown to our client’s facility. Our in-depth experience and expertise in turnaround and shutdown service will minimize cost and downtime without compromising on safety, quality, environment and asset integrity. You can trust us to uphold the highest standards and best practices to prevent accident and ensure timely project delivery.

Confined Space Entry

Our employees are experienced and well trained to attend confined space entry and exit, ensure the safety of personnel who perform work in a confined space and able to summon rescue in an emergency situation. We are adequately equipped with the right equipment, tools and technology to detect hazards associated with confined space such as oxygen deficiency or enrichment, hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide, lower explosive limits and others.

Fire and
Area Watch

For fire protection during turnaround or shutdown season, when fire protection system is shutdown or inoperative, our dedicated fire watch personnel are capable of recognizing emergency situations and act accordingly. Our employees are able to understand fire safety plan and emergency procedure and operate fire extinguishers.

Safety Audit

Multiflex Safety solutions consider audit quality as the highest priority. When we perform safety audits, we ensure we leave no stone unturned in assessing your health and safety management system, programs and make the required changes. We are committed to helping our valued clients maintain and become COR and SECOR certified. Our employees are vast and well trained in conducting audits.

Safety Program Development

Our clients can rely on our initiatives to identify their needs and setting a realistic target that promotes health and wellness at their workplace. We, through thorough site safety inspections and engaging with employee, can develop an effective safety program that will prevent injuries and illness at your worksite. Our programs have been known to increase productivity, enhance social responsibility and engage workers. With decades of experience in the industry, we help you improve your product/service, enhance workplace morale and sustain a good reputation.

Site Safety Inspections

Multiflex solutions help you keep your employees safe and secure with its commitment to quality and perfection. Considering that every accident in your workplace is preventable, safety of each of your employees is of paramount importance to our safety professionals. With years of experience and industrial expertise, we make sure that unsafe places, practices and conditions are watchfully identified and fixed


We offer the most reliable and trustable procurement services aimed at establishment as well as maintenance of your organization's infrastructure and empowers management to focus and work on more important projects of the organization. There are procurement plans for categories you want to work us for. Similarly, we come up with a thorough and watchful analysis of your expenses, negotiation with suppliers and management implementation of procurement strategies.

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