Graphics card not showing up in GPU acceleration

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Sony vegas pro 13 no gpu available free.Sony Vegas Pro 13 64 Bit Download Free Full Version

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Of course it is showing in 13 – I have Vegas 13 Pro installed. Sony AVC VP13 with GPU acceleration; Sony AVC VP13 without GPU. › Computer Hardware › Graphics Cards.


No GPU available.VEGAS Pro: Video & audio for professionals


Also checked my Wave Hammer, it is in demo mode – apparently this has been a known issue with some installations since version 6. I’m guessing it’s been moved to the internal preferences because it causes more trouble than its worth for those with newer GPUs.

Notice no mention of only supporting up to GTX? This is doing people wrong. Goes to show just how poor of shape this program was in under Sony and how little Magix studied their product after buying it For this reason, they need to patch support for newer Nvidia cards in for free.

Those of us who bought this program based on their inaccurate system requirements deserve what we were advertised and paid for. See below. Actually Nick, no, you’re wrong.

Right now, there is no acceleration for GTX and up No processing over the GPU. Absolutely none. This is the newest version of Vegas we are talking about. Thank you both for the feedback. I learnt something. I had thought that there was some acceleration in Vegas with those newer cards but weaker than AMD, and about a month ago there were a couple of posts raving about the GTX in VP13, which misled me. I just did the GeForce experience app update and it had some new driver for some game and bam it all works again For that card maybe go to the GeForce app and see if there’s an update.

Is there any bug related submission form for Magix or Vegas Pro dev team? I don’t think you’ll get any detail back from them at this stage as they themselves know it’s old and unchanged and in need of updating. Oddly enough, my GPU decided to start showing up and working with Vegas. Out of nowhere, I re-opened preferences and there it was. You’ve been warned. This problem, according to my research, exists in Sony Vegas as well. Showing 1 – 4 of 4 comments.

I also have this problem and wonder all day why, my GTX did’t had any reading when renders movie Something like this that have any issue related on hardware should be put on notice up front in steam.

However , i just sad that it’s also my fault that did not research on this software before buying. I went on that link the dav put on and put that announcement here so other ppl that lucky enought can save thier ash.. Why does my GPU not speed up render times? GPU-accelerated AVC rendering is available for those users who find benefit in it, but it is no longer recommended for general use.

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